Savitri Temple Pushkar

When Brahma performed the yajna at Pushkar, his wife Savitri could not reach the yajna in time. So Brahma performed the pooja with the help of a local girl, Gayatri – who then became the second wife of Brahma. This enraged Savitri and she sulked off to the hilltop and was pacified only with the agreement that she would always be worshiped first. This tradition still continues, first the aarti is performed at Savitri temple and then at Gayatri temple. Idols of both Savitri and Gayatri are now installed at the Savitri temple. Since this temple is located on a hill it can be bit difficult to reach up there but then you will be welcomed with beautiful views of the city and the surrounding hills.

This Temple is dedicated to desolated wife of Lord Brahma, Savitri. And this is located on the top of Ratnagiri Hill. Its walk able distance from Lord Bramha Temple. You can take rope way or steps but better option is rope way to visit this temple. And From temple you will get nice view of the Pushkar city. Evening time is an ideal time to visit this site and perfect point to enjoy little hiking and sunset.