Pushkar Fair 2017

28 Oct.2017 to 4th Nov.2017

The Pushkar Fair is not just about Camels, in fact it is a religious pilgrimage in honor of Hindu god Brahma (the only temple dedicated to Brahma in India is in Pushkar). Tourists from various corners of the world come to Pushkar only to enjoy this Rajasthani vibrancy. Along with various exuberant activities, hot air ballooning is one feature that makes Pushkar Fair even more attractive.

Apart from the buying and selling of livestock, it has become an important tourist attraction. The mela is a chance to see ancient Rajasthani culure up close and personal. A photographer's dream, as you will see some amazing sights there: herds of camels, Camels being milked, decorated, hair trimmed, the occasional fight too, colorfully dressed Rajasthanis conducting business or enjoying the fair. There are a lot of incredible hand made local crafts for sale by individual vendors from the region. This time the hot air balloon was the major attraction of the fair. Tourist enjoy the camel cart safari. There is a ropeway near Savitri Mata temple and a small shilpgram for art lover.

This is a wonderland cultural event and is an excellent way to learn all about the Kolbelia Gypsy culture and other Rajasthan Folk traditions.